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Our Roof Replacement Process

1. Request our Free Estimate

Our process starts with a free estimate. We will schedule a meeting with you to discuss the scope of work and budget. Our team will also ask if you are working with an insurance company for any natural disasters that have happened to your home.

2. Estimate

After the initial consultation, we will inspect the roofing and look into the attic to assess the current conditions. We will provide you with recommended materials and all the colors that come with each specific style and color. The estimate will have a report of the current roof with all the recommended findings, including pictures with detailed current condition of the roof. Our team primarily looks for proper ventilation in the PNW, as it's the most common problem, and condensation of water and mold starts, which the furnace picks up the mold, then causing the smell and allergies to the homeowners. Our customers pay 30% of the project upfront for the project to purchase all the materials. We also have financing options available through our partners at Chase and BECU.

3. Approval of Estimate and Scheduling of Appointment

After the approval of the estimate, we will schedule an appointment for the installation. We will work with you to determine the best time to start and provide an estimated total time needed to complete the roof. For a full replacement, it usually takes two days.

4. Roof Installation

Our team will start the installation, and the installers will find the best place to have the materials placed with proper protection needed to cover the surrounding areas, including gardens and other unique features of the property.

We have a dedicated project manager that will handle all the project updates and any circumstances that arise with new discoveries of items after the roof has been removed.

5. Completion, Final Payment, and Warranty

After the installation is completed, we will take pictures of the roof and deliver the invoice along with all the pictures. We will also receive the final payment for the remaining 70% of the project after full approval and satisfaction of the roof. We provide our installation warranty of 5 years with the accompanying Life-Time material warranty, with different warranties for different materials used.

6. Maintenance and Cleaning

We also offer cleaning services for the roof, including moss removal, moss treatments, gutter cleaning, and soft-wash exterior cleaning. We recommend our annual cleaning and check-up to keep your roof in prime condition. As a returning customer, you'll receive a 10% discount on our roof installation services.

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